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Solar Resources For Colorado & Wyoming Homeowners

As we reviewed in our blog, Tax Incentives for Homeowners Going Solar in Colorado, solar energy incentives are changing all of the time.  Most recently, the federal tax credit for solar systems increased to 30% of total installation costs and was extended for 10 more years of availability to American homeowners. 

Learn more about the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

In addition to the federal solar tax credit, you may be able to reduce the cost of solar panels in Colorado and Wyoming with one or more locally available tax exemptions, rebates, and incentives. 

Colorado Solar Tax Exemptions

Homeowners in Colorado can save money on solar installations with two statewide tax exemptions: the solar sales tax exemption and the solar property tax exemption.

Sales Tax Exemption

To promote green energy adoption at every level, Colorado instated a Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Equipment in 2006. Under this exemption, renewable energy adopters can purchase equipment like solar panels and wind turbines without any state sales tax applied to the transaction. Colorado currently has a 2.9% state sales tax, 100% of which is exempt in solar energy equipment purchases.

Property Tax Exemptions

Solar panels add value to your home, but homeowners in Colorado do not have to worry about this fact increasing their annual property tax. Residential renewable energy systems are completely exempt from Colorado property taxation, which means that their added value is not assessed during a home tax appraisal.

Rebates and Financing Programs

Colorado homeowners may also be eligible for local solar rebates and special financing programs that reduce the start-up costs of a renewable energy installation. Although qualification and availability are often limited by income and physical location, homeowners going solar in Colorado may seek out programs like the Boulder Solar Grant Program and Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade (RENU) Loan Program.

Utility Solar Policies & Resources 

There are many different kinds of financial rebates, tax incentives, and net metering programs offered by the various electric utilities in Colorado and Wyoming. Find your utility below to explore its specific solar resources. 


With policies constantly changing in capacity and availability, we are here to help you identify and secure the most up-to-date solar incentives and net metering rates for your energy system. When searching for "solar installers near me," a truly local Colorado solar company makes all of the difference. Contact Apollo Energy today to learn more. 

Utility Solar Rebates & Incentives in CO & WY

Xcel Battery Incentive


Xcel Energy other Home Energy Rebates


Fort Collins Battery Incentive


Fort Collins Solar Rebate


Fort Collins Other Home Energy Rebates


United Power Home Energy Rebates


PVREA Home Energy Rebates


Loveland Utility home Energy Rebates

Utility Solar Net Metering Information 


Xcel Net Metering


United Net Metering


Fort Collins Net Metering


PVREA Net Metering


CORE Net Metering

Loveland Net Metering


Longmont Net Metering


Morgan REA Net Metering


Mountain View REA Net Metering


Blackhills (CO) Net Metering

Blackhills (WY) Net Metering


High West Net metering

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