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A Guide to Colorado & Wyoming Electric Utilities and Solar Interconnection

Updated: May 15

As a locally owned and operated solar panel installation company in Denver, Colorado, we work together with electric utilities all across the state on a daily basis. As most homeowners switching to solar energy are still connected to the grid, we receive a lot of questions about solar interconnection and its relation to a homeowner's current electric provider.

Solar panels on roof

With a lot of different information out there we'd like to make one thing clear: All Colorado and Wyoming electric utilities must allow solar interconnection. Because some utilities have stricter guidelines than others, even some of the top solar companies in Colorado avoid working with certain utilities. At Apollo Energy, we work to empower homeowners to eliminate their electric bill, no matter how much red tape we have to cross. With our local, in house installation team and quick response time, we are the preferred partners for several electric utilities.

Below you will find links to Colorado's largest electric utilities and their policies with residential solar panels. With utility rates rising every year, and the federal tax incentive lowering on Jan 1, 2020, there has never been a better time to go solar!

Xcel Energy

United Power



Black Hills Energy

High West Energy

Apollo Energy offers turnkey electricity solutions and handles everything it takes to get your solar system connected to the grid and producing clean energy for your home. Get started saving on your electricity costs with a free assessment today.


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