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Colorado Solar: Why the Centennial State is Ideal for Solar Power

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Although locals know it well, one of the best kept secrets about Colorado is the amount of sunlight the state receives. Now that we are experiencing the sweltering heat of mid-August, many people in Colorado wonder if perhaps the state may get too much sunlight.

solar panels installed in Colorado, solar energy

So obviously, solar power has an opportunity in the Centennial State. After all, solar panels are used to harness sunlight and convert it into emission-free, renewable energy for decades.

Here are the fast facts:

Net Metering in Colorado

Net metering allows homeowners, organizations, and businesses to generate renewable energy (solar, wind, biofuel, geothermal, etc.) and send it back to the utility grid. The electricity produced is then shown as a credit to the amount of electricity consumed and billed to property owners.

In 2005, Colorado implemented a state regulatory policy for net metering that requires all electricity utilities with over 5,000 customers (i.e. Xcel, United power, etc.) to accept with independently generated power from renewable energy sources. This is create for Colorado residents, because in 2020, only 17 states in the country have created some form of standard net metering policy.

Currently, customers are limited to installing 120% of their average annual electricity consumption. There is also a cap at 10kW for residential and 25kW for non-residential renewable electricity installations.

Community Solar Farms In Colorado

If you do not own a home in Colorado, or your property does not receive enough direct sunlight, then there are still ways that you can invest in independent renewable energy projects. In fact, Colorado leads the country with 70 community solar projects generating >50MW of electricity.

To get started with a community solar project, you need to invest by essentially “buying” electricity directly from a renewable power plant. After doing so, in most cases, your green energy investment is then credited towards your normal, monthly electricity bill.

Colorado Solar Companies & Industry Growth

Believe it or not, there are over 454 registered solar companies in Colorado. The industry grew by 5% in 2019 after adding 5,600 jobs to the state. This is over double the solar industry’s national average of 2.3% growth, year over year.

Of course in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has profoundly affected nearly every local service business. With unemployment skyrocketing, the rooftop solar industry has managed to stay afloat, and gone on to thrive as a deemed essential service for homeowners seeking independent, emission-free electricity. The Colorado Sun has stated that some large solar companies have even reported record sales in the summer after an initial dip in activity during March and April.

Now that most people are spending more time around the house, many homeowners are beginning to see the light in that investing in solar panels for your home can lead to a lifetime of savings on the cost of electricity. As a local solar company in Denver, Colorado we can ensure the highest quality solar panel installation with the warranties and customer service for continued success.

If you are a homeowner in Colorado or Southern Wyoming interested in solar energy, feel free to contact us today for a free assessment on your home's electricity!


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