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Denver, Colorado Named One of Frontier Group's "2019 Solar Stars"

Updated: Apr 22

Each year the Frontier Group, part of the 501(c)(3) Environment Texas Research & Policy Center, releases a report surveying America's largest cities and analyzing the progress of solar energy. This year's report once again named Denver, Colorado as a "Solar Star," with more than 50 watts of PV solar capacity installed per person within city limits.

Denver is ranked 9 overall, with an estimated 129.6 watts per person installed by the end of 2018. Additionally, Cheyenne, Wyoming was named a "Solar Beginner" with just 4.1 watts per person installed. The report then went on to encourage the continuous growth of solar energy highlighting its potential in "combating global warming, reducing local air pollution, strengthening the electric grid, and stabilizing energy costs for residents ".

If you are a homeowner in Colorado or Wyoming, 2019 is the best time ever to go solar and you will maximize your savings by choosing a local installer. Click here to calculate your savings!


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