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Denver Sustainability: Rapid Renewable Energy Adoption in Our Home City

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

solar panels being installed denver colorado

When considering the health of the entire planet, one of the most common mantras is to “think globally and act locally.” With this in mind, the actions that you take in your community can have a ripple effect, creating positive or negative change in the world at large.

At Apollo Energy, acting locally and thinking globally is at the core of our company values. For this reason, we’ve decided to put together this article highlighting some of the most exciting sustainability efforts that are happening in our home city of Denver today.

Who is Apollo Energy?

Apollo Energy is a locally owned and operated solar company. We pride ourselves on installing high-quality solar energy systems for our neighbors in Denver, around Colorado, and in southern Wyoming.

With each solar panel we install, our goal is to continuously offset utility carbon emissions, while reducing the cost of electricity in our customer’s homes. As far as growing our company is concerned, we have been doing it responsibly, by slowly installing slightly more PV capacity annually for the past five years.

Although we are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, Apollo Energy is just a drop in the bucket in terms of what is being done in our home city and state.

Denver Sustainability Ranking & Efforts

Siemens once ranked Denver as the 5th greenest city in the United States and Canada thanks to its cleanup projects and encouragement of alternate fuels and electric cars. This honor is the result of a large number of people, organizations, and projects with the common goal of a more sustainable world. Below, we will highlight some of these heroes.

The Denver Office of Sustainability

First and foremost, residents in the Colorado capital should be aware of the Denver Office of Sustainability which is a plentiful resource for sustainable project ideas, events, and more. Not every major city in America has an office of Sustainability, so Denver has this organization to thank for a lot of the city-wide implementations of renewable energy adoption.

The Denver Parks and Recreation Department

Secondly, the City and County of Denver’s Parks and Recreation Department have also helped our hometown achieve such a high sustainability ranking. Denver maintains overs 5,000 acres of designated parks, which help increase local air quality, resident health, and overall well-being around the city.

Denver International Airport

Miles east from the heart of the city, the Denver International Airport is one of the greenest major hubs in the United States. If you’ve ever driven to the terminal past Blucifer, then you’ve probably seen the massive arrays of solar panels on the airport’s front lawn. Beyond generating over 3 million kWh of clean solar energy each year, DIA has a few other notable claims to fame, including:

  • The first airport to receive a SO 14001 Certification (for Environmental Management Systems)

  • 100% alternative fuels for airport vehicles (compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and electric hybrids)

  • Energy efficiency LCD Screens

  • Natural light in the airport’s main building

  • And more

Electric Vehicles

Beyond the airport, Denver is also home to tons of private and public electric vehicles. As the city continues to generate more and more electricity from renewable resources, this leads to a more sustainable future of transportation. Here a few efforts leading the way:

  • The Green Taxi Cooperative

  • Denver’s Green Fleet

  • Lyft’s Denver Hybrid Fleet

  • Personal Vehicles and Electric Charging Stations

  • Dockless Riding Vehicles (Scooters, e-bikes, etc.)

  • And more

Denver Sustainability Policy Initiatives

In case you forgot, 2020 is an election year. To get your mind off of the national polls, Denver has introduced a local initiative to increase the sales tax to raise money for combating climate change. Question 2A, as it is called, is up for voting in November of 2020 with the support of grassroots movements like Resilient Denver.

The National Renewable Energy Lab

Last but not least, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is one of the country’s leading organizations for the research and development of renewable energy adoption. Although it is technically located in Golden, the NREL provides Denver with green energy jobs, news, information, and technological advances.

solar panels in the sky and roof


With tons of organizations, companies, and individuals making countless sustainable efforts in and around Denver, we are pleased to be in such good company while installing solar panels across the state. If you are a home or business owner ready to take the leap to cost-saving solar energy, feel free to contact us today to learn more.


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