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Don't Fall for Solar Gimmicks: Talk to a Local Expert

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

solar panels being installed in colorado
Our in-house team installing solar panels under Colorado skies

The "Next Best Thing" in Solar Energy

Solar energy has come a long way in the past decade, with advancements slowly optimizing panel efficiency and affordability for rapid adoption across the country. Although “gimmicks” may not be the right word here, we frequently talk to homeowners who are waiting for the “next best thing” in solar before making the switch to long-term, renewable energy.

So what happens when the next best thing isn’t as good as predicted?

One of the biggest names in solar energy was in the news again this week, with an update about the Tesla Solar Roof. According to multiple sources, Tesla has raised the price of the “solar roof” product, even for those customers who signed a contract for the system over one year ago. Customers were notified via email, with updated terms and increased costs to move forward.

The average price of the solar roof is set to increase by about 30%, which will account for tens of thousands of dollars more than originally projected costs. In some cases, the installation price nearly doubled for some customers.

Although we support solar growth in all capacities, as a local solar company in Denver, Colorado, we feel the responsibility of always ensuring customer satisfaction and doing what’s best for our community.

Tesla is a name we hear a lot, and unfortunately, we feel as if they represent an idea that universal, name-brand solar solutions with wide mass appeal are going to be the future for dispersed green energy.

In reality, like fruits and vegetables, solar energy and other renewables are best locally grown.

Out of State Solar Companies Don’t Make Sense

Before the Powerwall price increase, we’d like to take a moment to remember Solar City, which is now a part of Tesla Energy. The company which has 2 and a half stars on Yelp here in Denver is a national provider with operations in regions across the country.

Like many franchises, many of Tesla’s consumer complaints stem from a disconnect between the sales team and the rest of the company. Most of the negative reviews report customer’s expectations not being met, with increased costs, customer service delays, and warnings for future buyers.

With separate teams scattered around the country, national installers are more likely to take shortcuts or increase costs when meeting local regulations and conditions, rather than adapting the business model. Learn more about the dangers of subcontracting solar companies.

After an installation, if there are any questions or problems with a solar energy system, our customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly who to contact and when to expect an answer. While solar panels require very little upkeep, it is important to understand common solar panel problems and why parts and labor warranties are critical for ongoing, return on investment.

Keeping More Money in the Community

Beyond just the customers, supporting a local solar company in Denver also helps keep more money in the community. Most solar gimmicks are designed to last for a limited amount of time, with solar installation teams folding and looking for more work once the company has finished its business.

Worse yet, some installers will provide out-of-state labor, adding both transportation costs and an increased carbon footprint to your home improvement project. While many national solar companies shut down during COVID 19, Apollo Energy adapted in every way we could to continue serving our community.

In fact, we recently became Denver's only B Corp Certified Solar Company recognized for the balance of profit and purpose through our ethical business operations.

Talk to your local solar expert in Denver.

At Apollo Energy, we pride ourselves on providing open and honest customer service at every stage in the solar energy process. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today for a free consultation with one of our local solar experts.


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