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Free Solar Panels in Denver: Don’t be Fooled by Dishonest Marketing Tactics

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Free solar panels!  That’s right: there is an advertisement on facebook or someone at your door telling you that you will no longer have to pay your electricity bill because the government or your utility is giving away free solar panels.  Sounds too good to be true, right? That's because it probably is. Whereas there are plenty of great incentives to lower the cost of your solar panel installation, the chances of a company saving you $50,000 in electricity costs because you clicked on an advertisement are slim to none.

The truth is, after doing proper research and choosing a trusted company, investing in solar will always result in lowered electricity costs when compared to purchasing electricity from a utility each month.  For this reason, Apollo Energy hopes to empower our potential customers by providing free, honest assessments about their home’s solar potential and by setting the record straight about some of the most common misleading marketing tactics plaguing the solar industry today. 

Free Solar Panels & Solar Leases

Often times “Free Solar Panels” can be attributed to solar leasing programs.  Although it is true that companies who provide solar leases will install the solar panels for free, homeowners will still be paying for electricity each month.  In Pennsylvania, an undercover investigation found that the salesperson from a company offering a solar lease used the word “free” 34 times in their 45 minute sales pitch.

Under a lease, the solar company essentially owns a power plant on a homeowners roof and sells the electricity to the homeowner, much like a utility, at a rate which can continue to go up each year.  Learn more about solar leasing vs. solar ownership in Colorado

Over Promising and Under Delivering 

From the first point of contact to the final sales conversation, solar companies nationwide are beginning to be penalized for various false marketing practices.  Both Sunnova & Vivant have been sued for misprojecting electricity costs, providing shotty workmanship with no maintenance, and even forging signatures.  For this reason, it is extremely important to read a company's online reviews and check its standing with the Better Business Bureau before signing on the dotted line. The video below showcases some homeowners who regret going solar with the first company that knocked on their door. 

Unfortunately, headlines like these often scare away some homeowners, who will write off solar as a scam and will not consider an installation on their home.  Apollo Energy's goal is to educate members of our community about the benefits of solar and the importance of choosing a trusted company. If you are a homeowner in Colorado looking for an honest, detailed assessment of their home’s solar potential, look no further than Apollo Energy.

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