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How Solar Panels and Electric Cars are a Perfect Match in Colorado

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The sale of electric cars have skyrocketed in the last ten years, with national sales rising 81% in 2018! Watch this amazing video below to see which brands are selling the most:

While most residents of Colorado and Wyoming that have purchased an electric car have seen drastic decreases in their monthly gasoline expenses, those plugging their vehicles in at home will experience an increased monthly electric bill. What can be done to decrease the cost of residential electricity? Investing in solar panels, of course.

Sun-powered cars may sound like something from the distant future, but in reality owning a PV solar panel system and an electric car is the most cost efficient and emission free way for personal transportation in 2019. For a fully detailed personal experience of powering electric cars with solar panels, check out this article from Popular Mechanics.

How many solar panels will you need to offset your next electric car purchase? Talk to one of our experts for a free assessment. Get started by clicking here.


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