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Inside Apollo Energy: A Woman-Led Solar Company in Denver

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Two Apollo Energy PV Systems on Neighboring Roofs
Two Apollo Energy PV Systems on Neighboring Roofs

As a tradition that has been observed for over 50 years in the United States, Women’s History Month has arrived once again in March of 2023.

While now is an excellent opportunity to celebrate all of the great female innovators, entrepreneurs, and essential workers in every industry across America, we would also like to take a moment to look inward and showcase what’s happening here at Apollo.

As a woman-owned, certified B-Corp, Apollo has always done what it takes to celebrate and empower women in Denver, including participation in a 2019 female-fueled GRID Alternatives project which brought 40 kW of solar power to a local underserved community.

Once named one of EcoWatch’s “Women leading the solar industry,” we sat down with Apollo Energy COO Melissa Theesen to learn a little bit more about the company’s commitment to equality for all.

While women only represent about one-fourth of the solar workforce in 2023, Apollo’s team is open to all genders, with success stories for female employees in nearly every aspect of the business.

According to Melissa, the “project preparatory and customer service is performed by two women,” which is a pillar of Apollo’s business that receives frequent acclaim in online reviews such as this 5-star submission on Google.

Besides project prep and customer service, Apollo also employs women in several other roles with a team history of female electricians, installers, sales personnel, and more. As a proven way to add value, Melissa notes that Apollo is “always actively trying to get women to join.”

When we asked about secrets of the trade and achieving sustained growth, Melissa points to the fact that Apollo was founded to become “an ethical, transparent company in the solar energy industry.” She emphasizes that by avoiding the “boom and bust” of the industry’s frequent hiring and firing practices, Apollo’s focus on always treating employees and customers well has led to continued success.

To survive in the competitive solar industry, she explains, Apollo always takes extra levels of care to make sure no corners are cut. In order to push projects forward and get things done, Melissa emphasized that it is always important to ask questions and take the time necessary to understand any uncertainties when faced with the unique challenges of every installation.

With opportunities for women as well as every gender, race, class, and identity, Apollo Energy is hiring in Denver!

For more related happenings in the solar industry, check out the GRID Alternative’s Women in Solar Program or The SEI Women in Solar Program from Solar Energy International in Paonia, Colorado.


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