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Is My Roof Good for Solar Panels in Colorado?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

While out in the residential neighborhoods of Colorado and Wyoming, we hear this question a lot. Homeowners are aware of the savings and incentives associated with solar energy but are often unsure as to if their home would be a good candidate. The best online resource to immediately see the amount of sunlight your roof receives is Google's Project Sunroof. The website even provides a savings estimate for those looking to eliminate their electric bill.

The ideal roof for solar fits into a few categories:

1. Direction or Orientation of Roof

No matter where you are in the world, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Here in the Front Range, a roof with southern exposure is best. East and West facing roofs are also able to obtain plenty of sunlight for electricity production and can be beneficial especially with Time of Use Metering programs.

2. Amount of Coverage by Shade

In terms of keeping our air clean, solar panels and trees go hand in hand. Unfortunately, if your entire roof is covered with shade, you will not be able to produce a lot of electricity with solar panels. An exposed roof unobstructed by shade is ideal for eliminating your entire electric bill.

3. The Pitch of the Roof

Most roofs in Colorado and Wyoming are between 30 and 45 degrees. This works well, as the best possible angle for maximum sunlight would match the location's latitude relative to the equator. Flat roofs also work quite well, as the array can be set up just like it would be on a ground mounted system.

Solar Panel Installation in Thornton, Colorado.
A photo captured by one of our solar installers.

So no matter what type of roof you have, if sunlight hits your home, looking into solar power as a potential source of energy is a good idea. With the right system, you could be saving on your electricity costs with a clean, renewable source of power.

If you a homeowner in Colorado or Wyoming ready to explore your home's solar potential, maximize your savings with a quality solar panel installation from a local company. Get a free quote or schedule your free solar assessment with Apollo Energy today.


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