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Limited Availability! 2019 Solar Rebates in Fort Collins, Colorado

Top Solar Companies Colorado:  Apollo Energy
One of Apollo Energy's Solar Panel Installations outside Fort Collins, Colorado.

As temperatures begin to cool and air conditioners are dialed back, homeowners in Colorado and Wyoming may be expecting their electricity bills to decrease this month. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for residents in Fort Collins. This week, the City of Fort Collins Utilities have implemented their Fall time of use metering rate change, in which electricity usage is charged at higher rate from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

Thankfully, the city also offers some of the best solar rebates in the state. Those looking to eliminate their electric bill by going solar in Fort Collins can receive up to $1,500 back, based on the size of the solar panel system. However, the incentive will not last for long.

November 30th is the last day to submit applications for the program, and according to a recent announcement, the city has approximately $96,000 in remaining budget left, or about enough for 64 full-rebate residential solar installs.

To claim the rebate, homeowners in Fort Collins, Colorado must use a participating solar contractor, such as Apollo Energy, one of Colorado's highest rated solar companies.

Want to claim yours? Get started with a free solar assessment.


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