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Colo. Solar Companies Here to Stay Amidst Closures from National Installers

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Solar Panels Installed in Colorado by Denver Solar Company Apollo Energy
Our American Made Solar Panels Selected for the Front Range

Amidst Shutdowns from Out of State Installers, Local Colorado Solar Companies are Here to Stay

If you are looking for a company to install solar panels on your home in Colorado, you are probably debating between choosing a nationally known installer or a local solar company.  Choosing a well-known solar provider certainly has its benefits, however historic and recent evidence suggests that choosing a local solar company will ultimately be the better choice.

Colorado’s Landscape of Out of State Solar Providers

With over 300 days of sunshine per year and fantastic net metering opportunities, it is no secret that Colorado is an extremely attractive market for out of state solar companies.  In fact, Denver was ranked the ninth best city for solar in the country.  Many have come, but few have stayed.

  • “Tesla” also known as “Solar City” is a well known company that shut down operations in the Front Range a few years ago, leaving behind a wake of unsatisfied customers.

  • Just recently Auric Energy, formerly Auric Solar, acquired Solarroo and then shut down it’s Colorado operations entirely (among other national closings).

  • Several Utah based companies such as ION solar are planning to move out of Colorado.

  • A few solar companies from Iowa have recently started operations in Colorado.  Be wary before choosing a provider that may only be here for a quick buck.

The Benefits of Choosing a Colorado based Solar Company

One of the driving factors behind reducing greenhouse gas emissions by switching to renewable resources is the mantra to “think globally and act locally.”  By ensuring a healthy ecosystem for both the environment and the economy, choosing a local business has many amazing benefits.

  • A Better Local Economy - American Express recently published thatevery dollar you spend at a small business, 67 cents stays in the local community.”  Within that 67 cents, 44 cents go to wages and employee benefits, and 23 cents go towards other local businesses.  Supporting local businesses creates more jobs with the local economy.

  • Increased Accountability - When you are part of a community, you treat others the way that you would like to be treated.  Local businesses are much more likely to follow the golden rule than out of state firms.

  • Equipment Designed for the Front Range:  Nationally based solar companies offer what they can source cheapest, not what is best for each homeowner, or for each environment.  We experience extreme weather situations all throughout the Front Range.  They don't understand local issues, such as hail, and their products tend to get damaged because they can't hold up to the elements.

  • Here for the Long Run - Whereas, we understand the skepticism of choosing a brand new solar installer in Colorado, there are many well established companies in Denver and surrounding areas that don’t plan on going anywhere.  A solar panel system is an investment that will last you over thirty years. With equipment like this, you will want a local provider that will be here if something goes wrong.

How to find The Best Solar Company in Denver

Although we encourage you to explore your options, if you are looking for the best local solar company in Denver, you may not need to look any further.  Apollo Energy was built in Denver, Colorado and has grown sustainably over years of providing high quality solar panel installations for our neighbors all along the Front Range.  Contact us today to learn more about your home's solar potential.


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