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The Components for the Best Solar Installation in Colorado

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

When we install solar panels, we don’t just install solar panels.  A residential solar system is made up of a large number of components, each just as critical as the next.  As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we ensure the highest quality solar energy installations by using the best materials for maximum solar efficiency and lifespan.

Most people ask us, “what kind of solar panels do you use?”  Although this is obviously a critical component of generating solar power, in this article, we will outline the other parts of a solar energy system and explain why they are just as important.

Colorado Solar Company Apollo Energy Installing Solar Panels in Thornton.
High Quality Installations with High Quality Components

The Best Solar Inverter 

The inverter is often billed as the second most important component of a solar installation.  Having the correct size inverter will maximize the amount of solar energy you are able to produce and send to the grid.  The size of the inverter should be similar to the DC wattage of your solar array, but it is usually a good idea to leave some room for excess electricity production. 

Not only do we provide expert knowledge on how to correctly size your inverter, but all of our installations come with a production monitor so that you can see the exact amount of electricity passing through your inverter each day.  Inverters installed by Apollo Energy also come with an industry best 25 year warranty.

The Best Solar Racking for Colorado and Wyoming

Of course, your solar panels will need to be mounted to your roof.  As we hear a lot of horror stories of leaking roofs and bad looking setups that dissuade people from going solar, we place extra emphasis on the importance of a well made, designed, and installed solar racking system.  

As pictured above, we install solar panels on racking systems that not only look good, but are also designed to withstand the elements of the Front Range.  We take the time to square up and level the panels to ensure the highest quality aesthetics and maximum sun exposure. Whether it is combating the hail of Denver or the winds of Cheyenne, we take the time to ensure perfectly squared installations that provide attractive and effective solar racking solutions. 

The Best Wire and Wire Size for Solar Installations

So now your solar panels are racked and ready to send electricity to your home.  Here is where some solar companies look to cut costs, but actually end up cutting out a crucial step in installing solar:  finding the right wire gauge.   

The size of the wire dictates the amount of energy that can be transferred.  Recently, we did a test between one of our installations and a competitor’s that had the exact same solar panels and inverter.  Because we take the time to choose the correct wire size, rather than use a standard size for all installations, our solar energy production was actually 7-10% higher! Maximizing the solar production of your solar panels is obviously crucial in maximizing the savings on your electricity costs, so we always make sure you are getting the highest energy production possible.

Critter Guard for Solar Panels

Lastly, we install critter guard with every solar system.  Critter guard is essentially a fence that will keep unwanted visitors like pigeons and squirrels from damaging your installation.  In the heat of the summer, the soy based wire coating used in solar installations becomes hot and emits a vanilla smell. This attracts the critters and can even cause them to chew the wires crucial to powering your solar energy system.

Most solar companies will not provide critter guard as a standard feature, but will up-sell it as a pricey add-on, if they even provide it at all. We see critter guard as a crucial component in ensuring the longevity of solar power production, and include it in all of our solar panel installations throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

Master Electricians and NABCEP Certified Professionals

Lastly, in order to maximize the efficiency and longevity of your solar production, it is very important to know the qualifications of the people installing it.  Whereas it may be cheaper to have your roofer or a family friend install your solar system, hiring a certified professional adds a layer of certainty and craftsmanship to your investment. 

Each one of our solar installations is constructed by our experienced team, with a master electrician and a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) member always present throughout the construction process.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality solar installations for members of our community to benefit from owning their own source of renewable energy.

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