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Our Top 3 Solar Energy Blogs: 100 Posts Later

Updated: Jun 30

Launched in 2019, the Apollo Energy blog was created to tell our story, answer customer questions, and discuss all things solar. 100 posts later, it’s become a vital part of our mission to connect with homeowners looking for helpful and honest solar information.

Apollo Energy Logo for blog

Approaching 1,000 installations in Colorado and Wyoming, Apollo Energy has grown sustainably in the Front Range since 2015, serving and employing our community amid constant industry changes. 

As a women-owned and locally operated certified B-Corporation (renewed in 2024), we are proud to be the highest-rated solar energy company in Denver with a 4.9-star rating on Google (88 reviews) and zero customer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau

Our Top 3 Solar Energy Blog Posts

While it is hard to pick favorites, here are three of our first 100 blog posts that we are confident will leave a lasting impression on readers for years to come. 

1 | Our Most Frequently Read Solar Blog

Most solar companies will give you a free quote for your home, but Apollo can also provide 10 inspirational quotes about solar at no extra cost. That is… quotations about solar energy’s impact on the world.

That’s right, our most heavily trafficked blog post (by a long shot) is the Top Ten Quotes About Solar Power. As it turns out, there are a lot of people out there who love solar energy and want to find the right message to spread the word. 

So way back in 2020, what we honestly thought was a quick and easy throwaway idea became our most frequently read blog post of all time, directing thousands of visitors to our site every year from the top of global search results. 

2 | Our Most Influential Solar Blog Post

When new technologies arise and people are looking for answers, a well-written blog can go a long way. That’s why our most influential blog post might just be: What is a Smart Meter? and How Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards Metering Works

In this blog (updated in 2023), we outline smart meter technology from every angle, including brief, but detailed content, a FAQ section, and several visual aids to help researchers quickly answer their own questions. 

A few months after the blog was posted, a reader emailed Apollo to kindly state, “Although I’m a customer of another solar company, I wanted to let you know that I found your explanation of Utility rates and solar banking to be the best that I have come across while searching online. Thanks for that.”

3 | Our Most Important Solar Blog Right Now

Finally, flashing forward to this moment in time, our recent 2024 post, “Spring Storms and Blackouts Spark Interest in Solar Batteries” has already become a well-utilized resource for homeowners seeking energy security options. 

Packed with information about energy outages, how solar storage systems work, and what battery incentives are available, this blog has readers engaged for some of the longest average page sessions on our site. 

While seasonal storms may threaten reliable access to electricity in select areas of the Front Range, we predict that interest in solar batteries will continue to spike annually amid extreme weather events throughout the year. 

A recent Apollo Energy solar panel installation in the Front Range.

Honorable Mentions

Just shy of the top three blog spots, here is a bonus set of popular Apollo posts that you may find helpful when going solar today. 

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