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Quality Solar Panel Installation for Every Type of Roof in Colorado

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Apollo Energy has been installing solar panels in Colorado for over 4 years and members of our team have been in the industry since its inception. We've heard all of the horror stories. Shoddy workmanship can lead to leaks, damaged roofs, and enormous headaches for homeowners. With Apollo Energy, your roof is safe with our in-house installation team.

We triple seal our rail-less racking systems and protect your roof with a 25 year racking warranty against rust and penetrations. All of our installations also include critter protection to prevent small animals from making your solar panels their home.

One of our Steel Shingle Solar Panel Installations

So what kind of roofs can we install solar panels on? Nearly Every Kind.

Whereas most solar companies will not go above and beyond their one-size-fits-all installations, we aim to find solutions for every one of our customers.

Clay and Concrete Tile ? Yes.

We use the industry's top tile hooks

Steel and Asphalt Shingles? Yes.

That's an easy one.

Slate and Metal Roofing? Yes.

Let's talk!

Wood Shake Roofing? No.

Unfortunately, we cannot install on wood based roofs.

Ready to see solar panels on your roof? Set up a Free Solar Assessment with Apollo Energy today!

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