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Solar Providers Near Me: Why Local is Better

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

If you’re poking around the web searching for “solar providers near me,” then surely you will want to find a company that is as local as possible. Unfortunately, going solar is not as easy as taking a trip to the store.

solar panels installed near a community park in Colorado

As a home service based-business, most solar companies conduct evaluations and assessments onsite, to ensure accurate property information. When plugging in “local solar providers” into Apple or Google Maps, you’ll find over one hundred results in the Denver metro area alone. With this, it is easy to be overwhelmed when considering which provider you will be inviting to your home.

Apollo Energy is a locally owned and operated, B corporation that provides comprehensive solar services in Colorado and beyond. In this article, we will outline why anyone looking for a solar provider should choose a local company for their long-term renewable energy needs.

What does a solar provider do?

But first, let’s outline exactly what a solar provider does. While the term is synonymous with “solar company,” a provider typically supplies customers with all-in-one turnkey solar energy solutions. To be considered a full-service solar provider, a company will offer:

  • Property assessments

  • Solar potential evaluations

  • System design

  • Assistance with federal and local rebates

  • Property and electrical permitting help

  • Complete installation

  • and ongoing maintenance

Aside from handling all of the physical aspects of the solar itself, full-service providers may also present financing options to lower the upfront costs of a system. This is typically handled through a solar-specialty, third-party financier.

Why choose a local solar provider?

Although they may maintain an office close by, be warned, some solar providers near you are likely going to be out-of-state companies. While we understand the collaborative effort required for nationwide solar development, here are some of the best reasons to choose a local solar provider near you.

No Drop Shipping

Large, local companies typically maintain an inventory of solar panels and supplies in their warehouses. If a company is still growing or primarily located out of state, it is not uncommon for solar providers to have the equipment shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s house. While this may sound convenient, there are a few major inconveniences with this sort of operation.

If solar panels have been shipped to your house, that means that they will be sitting in your driveway (or on the street) until the company comes to install them. This could be days or even weeks, which can be stressful knowing that a huge investment in your home is now sitting in your driveway, possibly prone to damage or theft.

By using a local company with a warehouse facility, the chances of parts being left overnight outdoors are far less likely than with an out-of-state solar provider.

Quick Service Time

With a solar provider near you, service time can be as low as possible. Although this will vary with every local organization, it is always helpful to know that you will be contacting a person that is located near you, rather than in a call center across the country.

Quick service time is critical both before and after a solar installation. Getting started, local companies have their entire workforce ready to take on the next job rather than have them fly in from out of state. Likewise, any damages, breaks, or malfunctions will likely be fixed faster if a company is headquartered in the same region of the installation.

Local Intel

To find the absolute best information anywhere in the world, everyone knows to ask a local. This should not be any different when finding the right solar provider. Companies serving organic, local territory are much more likely to save you time, money, and energy with the specialized, accumulated knowledge of local:

  • Permitting processes

  • Building and electrical regulations

  • Weather conditions and seasonality

  • And more

With all of this in mind, local companies will typically only source and install the best equipment for their immediate climate. Although no two solar installations are ever the same, the process is generally quicker and more refined if the company already maintains systems in the neighborhood.

Essentially, if you live in, let's say Florida, then you should choose to work with a Florida solar company for a more personalized experience.

Long-Term Benefits

More than anything, going local seems like the logical choice when considering the lifespan of a solar energy system. Solar panels can efficiently produce electricity for 25 years and more, so you will want to be as sure as possible that the provider you choose will be around that long as well.

Out-of-state companies are much more likely to leave new areas when incentives are gone, rebates become more attractive elsewhere, or the local market has been burned through. While national name recognition can be a good selling point, we suggest working with companies focused on long-term growth within a consistent local community.

How to Find the Best Local Solar Provider

To find the best local solar provider in your area, begin by identifying several companies headquartered near you. After checking online reviews and other customer testimonials, contact a few organizations for a free assessment. To pick the best local provider, we suggest asking some of these questions to ask solar companies during each meeting.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, we hope that going solar is as easy and possible for you so long as your system can provide access to reliable, long-term renewable energy. When considering a solar provider, it is vital to fully understand your contract and the extent of the company’s services, instead of focusing solely on system price alone.

Looking for a solar provider in Colorado or Southern Wyoming? Contact Apollo Energy for a free solar assessment!


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