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Solar Repairs, Warranties & Customer Service - The Apollo Advantage

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

solar panels being installed near denver, colorado

At Apollo Energy, we install high quality solar energy systems on homes and businesses throughout the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains from Pueblo, Colorado to Rawlins, Wyoming. Our in-house team prides itself on providing the absolute highest quality solar panel installation possible.

With that said, occasionally forces beyond our control will cause one of our customer’s systems to temporarily stop producing solar energy. As a locally owned and operated solar company based in Denver, we are here to educate you about common solar repairs, solar warranties, and the importance of choosing a reputable, local installer.

Solar Repairs & Other Maintenance

One of the best things about solar energy is that it requires very little maintenance. A bit of rain will wash off any build up of dust or debris and most solar panels produce electricity for over 30 years. However, like all electronics, occasionally parts may malfunction. Likewise, forces of nature can cause damage to the system’s panels or wiring.

Animal Damage

People love solar panels because they are a great way to save money with clean energy. Animals love solar panels because they provide a nice shady spot with lots of things to chew on. In order to combat any damage from critters like birds and squirrels, we install critterguard on all of our systems at no extra cost.

Critterguard is essentially a fence that goes around your solar panels. It is usually very effective, but recently, one of our customer’s systems was damaged by a very determined squirrel. The squirrel managed to pry the critterguard open enough to chew on several wires and damage a few optimizers.

For this solar repair, many companies could easily charge up to $3,000 for the additional costs and labor. Our service were completely covered under our workmanship warranty. Plus, we were able to save our neighbor even more by getting their system back to producing electricity as soon as possible.

Inverter Failures and System Malfunction

All of our installations come with an easy to use tracking system to closely monitor the performance of your solar panels. If something were to go wrong, you can quickly identify the source of the issue in order to resolve the problem.

Solar inverters are used to convert the DC electricity produced by your panels into usable AC electricity for your home. In doing so, inverters are extremely busy receiving and sending huge quantities of electricity. This, occasionally, will cause an inverter to fail.

Recently, one of customers gave us a five star review on Google for our response to their inverter failure. After being notified it was not working, we replaced the inverter at no cost within 48 hours.

Hail Damage

As we’ve mentioned before, solar panels are pretty good at withstanding hail damage. Because we are especially susceptible to golf ball sized hail here in Colorado, we purposefully choose the toughest, American-made solar panels for all of our installations.

In fact, we’ve installed over 5,000 solar panels in the Front Range and only 1 single panel has been damaged by hail. The damage, of course, was covered by the customer’s 25-year warranty on the panel's performance.

Solar Panel Removal and Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes your roof is not as tough as your solar panels. Frequently, during bits of extremely inclimate weather, a roof will become damaged with holes, cracks and blisters. Even if your solar panel system survives the storm just fine, you may still need to have your solar panels removed and replaced in order to repair your roof.

If we subcontracted our installations, like many nationally known companies, then we would have to charge an arm and a leg for detaching and reattaching solar panels. Instead, we are able to save our customers' future costs on maintenance by keeping everything local and under the best possible warranties.

Timeliness and Customer Service

Lastly, we are able to deliver our services on an expedited timeline. While some national companies have a reputation for taking as long as an entire calendar year to perform a repair, we are always ready to help. Plus, recent events have caused many out of state solar companies to shut down, while Apollo remains committed to our local customers.


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