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What Our Solar Business is Thankful For in Denver, Colorado

Updated: May 31, 2023

Since our inception in sunny Denver, Colorado, Apollo Energy has focused on building a great company from the ground up, one solar panel at a time. And after installing nearly 2 MW of solar energy this year in Colorado, Wyoming, and throughout the Front Range of the Rockies, we couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve our customers with affordable, and long-lasting renewable energy systems.

Now as we prepare to watch the Macy’s Day Parade and eat ourselves into a food coma, here are the top five things we are most thankful for as Denver’s first B-Corp certified solar energy company.

1. A Prosperous and Growing Community that Believes in Renewable Energy

Aside from the fact that Denver is in the top 10 sunniest cities in the country, it is truly the people and community of this city and state that make Colorado ideal for solar power. We are so thankful to live in a place with favorable net metering policies, opportunities for shared solar, and a generally open disposition when it comes to saving money with renewable energy.

Plus, it's no secret that the population of Denver and surrounding cities is increasing, with hundreds of thousands of people moving to Colorado every year. Although this may come with some downsides (such as increased cost of living and negative impact on the watershed), we are thankful to be able to help our new residents lower their carbon footprint and electricity costs with rooftop solar panels on new and old homes alike.

2. A Locally Sourced Supply Chain Maintained Through the Pandemic

Second only to our community, Apollo’s locally sourced supply chain has made it possible to continuously run a solar business in Colorado and provide value to our customers, even though an international pandemic. While many national and conglomerate solar companies experienced an incredible amount of volatility in 2020 and 2021, we are one of the proud local solar companies in Denver that stuck around and have even grown over the past two years.

By purchasing truly domestic parts (and not just solar panels that are “assembled” in the United States) our supply chain has been relatively unaffected while many companies across a variety of industries have experienced back-ups, delays, and other complications from international shipping. For this, we are very thankful, especially as our supply chain allows us to continue to develop solar energy systems on an efficient timeline for our customers.

3. Consistent Employees in Sales, Installation, and Engineering

And while we are so thankful for all of the external factors that have made it possible for our business to grow, truly none of our success could have been achieved were it not for our internal team. We are so incredibly thankful for the employee longevity within Apollo Energy, with seasoned members of our sales, installations, and engineering team growing within and beyond their roles.

Through the years, we’ve focused on building a team that is dedicated to growing in Colorado, and have always provided the fair wages and benefits that have kept our employees happy to work with us. And while our product is obviously rooted in clean energy, we were voted as a “Best for the World” B Corporation both “For the Environment” and “For Workers” in 2021, the latter of which we are very proud and thankful to have achieved.

4. Customer Referrals and Accurately Working Systems

Next, we are thankful for all of our customer referrals sparked by their accurately working solar energy systems. As with any home investment, we know how much thought and consideration goes into not only making the choice to go solar but also in choosing the right company.

While we strive to always give our customers the best possible solar energy system and experience, nothing makes us happier than inspiring a person to recommend our services to a neighbor, friend, or family member after delivering on our promises. As treating people right and not cutting corners are two of our most important company values, we are so thankful for all of the business that Apollo Energy has been able to generate through simple word of mouth.

5. Our Customers and Their Reviews

Speaking of word of mouth, nothing is louder and more referenced in today’s marketplace than online reviews. That is why we are very thankful for all of our 5-star solar reviews on Google and Yelp, specialty solar websites, and throughout the Better Business Bureau. We love giving our customers a good experience and cherish every review Apollo Energy receives, which is why we could not be more thankful to have become one of Colorado's top-rated solar companies.

And one last thanks to you, for reading this article! To learn more about our company and renewable energy in Colorado, feel free to check out all of the content in our solar energy blog.


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