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Why Go Solar: Top 3 Reasons in 2021

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Why go solar? Although we’d be happy to talk about it all day long, for simplicity’s sake, we’ve chosen the top three reasons for 2021.

why go solar in colorado 2021

Apollo Energy has been serving Colorado and its neighbors for years, but we are now more excited than ever to install and maintain solar panel systems for our community. In many ways, 2021 is set to be a groundbreaking year for solar energy. If you’d like a little bit of industry background, be sure to check out our solar energy statistics for 2020.

1. Solar is the cheapest form of energy, ever.

In the United States, many people aren’t really concerned about the source of their home’s electricity. Instead, it’s a matter of dollars and sense (pun intended). Cheaper electricity is better electricity, and solar energy has officially become the cheapest electricity in history.

Knowing this, the solar energy industry is likely to continue to expand in the forthcoming years. In states like California, mandated solar on new construction enters its second year, aimed to drive down long-term electricity costs for residential and commercial buildings. Beyond this, solar storage batteries are becoming more affordable and practical for off-grid electricity storage.

2. Your utility bill isn’t getting any lower.

Of course, solar is cheaper for everyone, utilities included. For this reason, a lot of homeowners believe that it doesn’t make sense to install solar panels on a property if the electricity will eventually be from a green energy source, regardless.

In reality, a solar energy system opens the door for electricity independence, rather than an ongoing monthly expense. After your purchase, every kWh of solar energy produced by the system is yours, free of charge. In addition to onsite clean energy production, solar panels also help protect against utility time of use billing structures.

With this in mind, it almost always makes sense to “own” your electricity, rather than rent it from the utility. This becomes especially apparent in the wake of increased electric bills during COVID-19. Today, individuals, companies, and utilities alike can all view solar installations as a wise investment for long-term clean energy production.

3. The tax credit has been extended.

Last but not least, the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy systems was extended in December of 2020. Just as many of us would like to pretend like 2020 never happened, the stimulus bill has granted a 2-year extension on the 26% ITC alongside other COVID relief efforts.

Here, the extension of the legislation marks a prioritization of green energy development. In January of 2021, the United States rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which also displays a commitment to clean energy adoption both domestically and abroad.

why go solar 2021

Final Thoughts

If you’re still asking yourself “why go solar?”, the answer is as simple as this: now is the best time ever to consider it. We are fortunate enough to live in one of the best states for solar energy (read more about Solar in Colorado), and offer free assessments for homeowners in the area.

2021 is a great year to take advantage of a low-cost, high-quality solar installation. After evaluating your home’s solar potential, feel free to review our questions to ask solar companies to properly vet your local vendors.


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