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All solar companies are the same, right?  


Unlike other solar companies that try to force their solution on you with high pressure sales tactics, Apollo Energy takes a consultative approach.  
Our services are listed below.  Contact us and find out why so many of our customers consider us a breath of fresh air.
Full Service Solar Panel Installation

We customize a solar design based on your home square footage or historical electricity consumption.  We show you everything from monthly production/consumption comparisons to images of the panels on your home.  


We also discuss your plans for the future and build a system that meets your needs and budget.

IMG_4805 (1).jpg

We are the local battery experts!  Our consultants can review your goals for a battery system, explain the current technology limitations, and design a battery solution for your home.  


Batteries now qualify for the 30% federal tax credit, making them more affordable than ever.

Detach and Reinstall

If your roof is damaged we can remove and replace your current system so your roof can be repaired or replaced. Our highly skilled technicians are familiar with many different racking systems and inverter types.  


Most often, we often include our services in insurance claims so you pay nothing out of pocket.

Our Services Detach and Reinstall Image.jpg
Our Services Adding Panels.HEIC
Adding Solar Panels

If you have an older system, or if you currently have solar panels, but you would like to add to your system, we can help.  


We will review your past bills and discuss any additional electrical consumption you may have in the future.  Then we will design a system for your future needs.

EV Chargers

We can install EV chargers that work seamlessly with your new Solar system.  We can also install EV chargers that operate out of your existing electrical panel. 


Contact us today to find an EV solution that works best for you.

Our Services Maintenance Image.jpg

As other companies have left the Front Range market or gone out of business, we have seen a need to provide maintenance for failing systems that other companies have installed.  


Reach out to us and our knowledgeable team can troubleshoot your system and provide any necessary maintenance.

Commercial Solar

We work with businesses, non-profits, and organizations of all types and sizes to create turnkey commercial solar solutions.


For new projects or assistance with existing commercial solar energy systems, please contact us today.



Superior customer service 

No subcontracting - ever 

100% American made panels

English and Spanish Speaking Solar Experts

Woman Owned Company

Locally Owned and Operated



We are always cheaper than the cost of electricity and are the only company who will work with you through the entire process of going solar. 


Don't wait!  The federal tax credit expires soon! 

Find out how much you can save today!

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