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Spring Storms and Blackouts Spark Interest in Solar Batteries (2024)

Updated: May 15

If you live near the Front Range of the Rockies or on the Great Plains of northeastern Colorado, occasionally heavy winds are simply a part of life. 

In the spring of 2024, however, intense wind storms and subsequent electrical outages have led many locals to reconsider their energy security when planning for future instances of severe weather and potential interruptions in grid power services.  

After gusts nearing 100 miles per hour blew through Boulder, Denver, and other Front Range towns this month, we received many calls from new contacts and existing customers inquiring about solar batteries. 

In this article, we detail recent weather-related outages in Colorado and explain the role of solar batteries in energy security, before outlining several incentives you can use to install a high-performance solar battery with the lowest possible investment costs. 

Fallen power lines
Image from the Denver Post.

Impact of the 2024 April Windstrorm in Colorado

Between April 6th and 7th of this year, winds recorded as high as 97 miles per hour blew across Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and Nebraska, during what the National Weather Service has dubbed “the 2024 April Windstorm.” 

Surveys show that the storm jeopardized electricity for roughly 250,000 Xcel customers, 55,000 of whom were impacted by a planned shutdown in and around Boulder. The remaining 200,000 Xcel customers experienced power outages related to real-time safety hazards, such as downed tree limbs, telephone poles, or utility service lines, primarily near Denver.  

With the growing effects of climate change, experts believe that destructive and unusual weather storms will become more frequent in Colorado and that homeowners and communities should consider precautionary steps toward energy security.   

Solar Batteries Enable Ongoing Energy Security

During a power outage, solar panels without a battery cannot safely send electricity to the grid as there may be workers repairing damaged infrastructure. Therefore, to remain operational during a power outage, solar panels must be installed with a battery backup. While the sun is out, a solar battery can be charged throughout the day and then discharged whenever to power your essentials with backup electricity. 

solar batteries
Apollo Energy installs solar batteries as a SolarEdge Preferred Partner.

Solar Battery Incentives in Colorado and Wyoming

In the windy Front Range, there are several solar battery incentives that homeowners can redeem to reduce the investment costs of energy storage. In addition to several rebates available exclusively for Fort Collins residents, many homeowners in the Front Range are eligible for the following incentives. 

Solar Battery Tax Credits 

First, the Residential Clean Energy Credit can be redeemed as an income tax credit worth up to 30% of the costs to purchase and install your solar battery. For example, if your solar and storage system costs $27,000, you may be eligible for an income tax credit worth up to $8,100. 

Locally, Colorado residents may also be able to redeem a State Tax Credit worth up to 10% of solar battery costs. In the same example from above, this would translate to a state income tax credit of up to $2,700. 

Note: This is not tax advice, consider contacting a tax professional to see if you qualify for solar income tax credits.

Xcel Renewable Battery Connect Program

Finally, Xcel Energy’s Renewable Battery Connect Program can help homeowners recoup battery adoption costs both immediately and with ongoing participation.

Although terms and conditions may change, the program currently works like this:

  • You receive a rebate worth $500 per kW of energy storage installed up to $2,500 or 50% of the equipment-only cost. If you live in an income-qualified area, you may be eligible to receive $800 per kW installed, up to $4,000 or 75% of the equipment costs. 

  • With full autonomy, you must then share 60% of your stored solar battery capacity with the grid during a set number of events per year. This energy sharing helps stabilize the local energy grid and keeps electricity costs low for your community.  

  • Program participants will also receive $100 in annual rebates for up to 5 years of enrollment. 

Full program details can be found on Xcel's Battery Connect page.

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