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Apollo Energy’s Commitment to Safety During COVID-19

As always, Apollo Energy remains committed to homeowners, employees and the broader community during this difficult time. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, Apollo Energy is an essential business, so we have taken the following protective measures to ensure the protection of our team and the broader community. ● Employees are asked to closely follow all local, state, and CDC guidelines related to COVID-19. ● All employees who are able to work remotely will be doing so until further notice. ● Apollo Energy is offering virtual solar consultations to ensure homeowners understand how much they can save by switching to solar. ● With no money down and monthly, budgeted payments for months after solar is installed, many homeowners are realizing that switching to solar provides incredible economic relief during these trying times. ● As the majority of solar installations are performed exclusively outdoors, homeowners are asked to remain inside of their home during solar installations and to have conversations with installers via phone, as needed. ● In situations where indoor work is necessary, team members will wear protective equipment and maintain CDC guidelines of social distancing. ● Inspections with local jurisdictions are being performed per the guidance established by each jurisdiction. CDC guidelines are followed at all times and when possible, Apollo Energy requests virtual inspections.

As a local solar company in Denver, Colorado, Apollo Energy is committed to your ongoing energy needs and stands with you as you consider your electricity options.


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