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Full 30% Federal Tax Incentive for Residential Solar Panels in CO

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

If you have thought about the cost of solar panels in Colorado, eliminating your electric bill, and maximizing your savings, consider this a final warning. The full federal tax incentive of 30% of total system cost (including permitting, installation, and equipment) expires on January 1, 2020. That's five months away, so no need to worry, right? Wrong: In order to claim the tax credit, your solar panels need to be installed by the end of the year.

As illustrated by, spending $10,000 on a solar panel system will allow you to claim $3,000 dollars on your taxes at the end of the year.

Due to long turnaround times, most Colorado solar companies are no longer offering homeowners the opportunity to claim the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. Apollo Energy guarantees installation within 90 days (the quickest in the front range) so that you can start saving on the cost of your electricity as soon as possible.

See if you qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) by getting a free quote or book an assessment today to claim yours before it's too late.


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