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Commercial Solar for Denver’s Green Buildings Orridance

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

With sunny days all year long, the Front Range of the Rockies is an excellent location to generate solar power. For homeowners, businesses, governments, utilities, and more, solar panels can convert an exposed rooftop or open space into an electricity-generating and money-saving renewable energy facility.

Below, we’ll look at how and why building owners in Denver and surrounding areas should strongly consider a solar energy installation (among other upgrades) to go green with sustainable property improvements.

Denver’s Green Buildings Ordinance Energy Program

In 2023, going green isn’t only a sustainable decision for some people, as the choice may be mandatory for certain property owners. Here in Denver, the Green Buildings Ordinance is a sustainability initiative that requires commercial property owners to consider energy efficiency or renewable energy options during any new roof replacement.

solar panels on a roof in commerce city, CO
Our commercial solar installation for Tiley Roofing in Commerce City.

Officially, the Green Building Ordinance in Denver affects both new buildings and existing buildings (undergoing a roof replacement) 25,000 sq. ft. and larger.

Buildings that are exempt from the Green Building Ordinance in Denver include parking structures, temporary buildings, greenhouses, single-family homes, duplexes, and adjoined condos.

How to comply with the Green Building Ordinance

If you are a commercial property owner that needs to comply with Denver Green Building Ordinance, there are several sustainability measures you can take to meet the law's requirements, including:

​Green Roofs and Green Spaces

Adding a green roof is just about as “green” as it gets. Green roofs can include many different features including trees, shrubs, gardens, grass, turf, and more.

Renewable Energy Adoption

To adopt renewable energy resources in Denver, commercial property owners should strongly consider installing a solar energy system to generate electricity onsite.

Demonstrated Energy Cost Savings

If sustainability has always been your prerogative, your building may meet the ordinance’s requirements if you can clearly identify energy cost-saving efforts that exceed the standards for current building codes.

Third-Party Certifications

Third-party certifications such as LEED, National Green Building Standard (NGBS), or Enterprise Green Communities may also be sufficient to comply with the Green Building Ordinance.

Essentially, the Green Building Ordinance is designed to encourage commercial property owners to reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency, or adopt a renewable energy resource.

Property owners that fail to comply with green requirements during new construction or a roof replacement may be required to make a payment to the Green Building Fund, a sustainability initiative managed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

For more information and specific Green Building Ordinance compliance guidelines, please see this government resource: Complying with the Green Buildings Ordinance.

The Advantages of Solar Energy

Besides complying with the Green Building Ordinance, there are many advantages commercial property owners can unlock by choosing to go solar. With renewable energy generated onsite, solar panels can work to reduce or eliminate utility electricity spending, just as installing a solar battery can help lower your overall grid dependence.

industrial building with solar panels
The inverters and electrical work powering the commercial solar installation featured above.

To make an investment in renewable energy more affordable, most commercial property owners can qualify for a federal tax credit valued at 30% of the total costs of a solar energy system. Once up and running, may also depreciate the remaining costs of your commercial solar system at an accelerated rate. Moreover, combining solar with other building efficiencies (such as LEDs and smart energy controls) can increase savings and reduce ROI for your entire project.

Apollo Energy’s Commercial Solar Services

Based in Denver and serving the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Apollo Energy is proud to offer commercial solar solutions in Colorado and Southern Wyoming. In addition to our solar services for homeowners, we help building, business, and commercial property owners reduce their energy costs with turnkey installations for onsite emission-free electricity generation.

Committed to providing excellent service for every customer, Apollo Energy is a certified gold member of the Colorado Green Business Network. We are also a certified B-Corporation with years of experience and hundreds of happy customers served from Pueblo to Cheyenne and everywhere in between.

To set up your free solar consultation, please contact us today.


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