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Installing Solar Panels: The 10 Steps We Take to Ensure Success in Denver

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Solar energy is simple. It reduces carbon emissions by generating clean energy from sunlight. It also saves homeowners money on electricity costs by independently owning a personal rooftop power plant. With the wrong contractor, however, the process of installing solar panels can be excruciating. Thankfully, Apollo Energy offers a 100% turnkey solution for going solar. Here are the steps we take to ensure the highest quality solar panel installation in Colorado and Wyoming.

Solar Panel Company Denver Colorado
One of Our Solar Panel Installations in Fredrick, Colorado

1. Initial Solar Panel Design

Every solar panel system is different, because every homeowner has different energy needs. We customize our designs to fit the needs of our customers using some of the best technology available. In fact, we use the only software program approved by the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado. We base our initial designs on the shape and surface area of the roof, tree coverage, and the homeowner's expected electricity usage (annual kilowatt hour consumption).

2. Contract and Financing

Once the homeowner is satisfied with the design, we determine the best way to finance the system. We offer cash or in-house financing options. The best part about financing a system is that homeowners are replacing their electric bill, and not adding a new payment. We empower our customers to own their systems, and help them get the most money from available tax incentives and rebates towards their renewable energy system.

Solar Panel Installers Near Denver, Colorado
A Photo From One of Our Site Audits near Boulder, Colorado.

3. Site Audit

Next, we take the first steps towards the actual solar panel installation. One of our NABCEP certified project managers, equipped with ladders and measuring tape, performs a thorough site inspection to gather exact measurements, plan component placement, and ensure project success.

4. Final Design

With the exact dimensions of the roof and solar components, our team of engineers finalizes the system design in line with local building guidelines. These plans are used in the applications steps below.

5. Utility Application

Next, we begin the conversation with the homeowner's electric utility. For a grid tied system, an application for interconnection is necessary in order produce and use electricity. At Apollo Energy, we work with all Colorado and Wyoming Utilities. More information about specific utilities can be read here.

6. HOA Application

Did you know that it is illegal for an HOA to not allow solar panels to be installed? Although there can be restrictions on placement, we work directly with Home Owner Association's across the front range to ensure the installation of your solar panels while following any restrictions and guidelines.

7. Building Permits

Every local jurisdiction in Colorado and Wyoming is a little bit different, and we work with all of them. We apply for the necessary home improvement building permits on the homeowner's behalf. Once the permits are approved, we schedule a time for our crew to begin the installation.

Installing Solar Panels near Denver Colorado
Our Installers Putting the Final Touches On a System in Lakewood, CO.

8. Installation!

Our team of in-house electricians and installers arrive onsite and quickly get to work on providing a high quality solar panel installation. From the time of singing the contract, we make every effort to install solar on our customer's roof within 90 days.

9. Final Inspections

Once the solar panels, inverter, and other system components are installed, the local jurisdiction must approve the quality of the installation before it is connected to the grid. We coordinate a time with the township, city, and county, then take any necessary extra steps to get the installation approved. The utility then provides the final approval.

10. Interconnection

The last step is easily the most exciting for everyone involved. We flip a few switches, and voilà, another independently owned, emission free source of electricity! Once the system is up and running, we go through extra steps to ensure everything is performing at or above the manufacturers expectations and provide homeowners with all the info they need to verify their system is properly working.

Are you ready to go solar with a local company, contact Apollo Energy today!


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