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Our Top 5 Solar Blogs of the Past 3 Years

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

As we turn our calendars over to 2022, solar energy continues to have a bright future in Colorado. While it may surprise you that only 3.7% of the state’s electricity is generated from solar power, it is also important to recognize that Colorado has the 7th fastest growing solar energy capacity in the United States.

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We’ve been in business long enough to watch the solar energy industry in Colorado fluctuate, and are sincerely hopeful that Colorado's rapid adoption of renewable energy will not slow down any time soon.

In 2022, our blog turns a whopping three years old and we are proud to have created 70 articles (and counting) designed to help home, business, and property owners learn more about solar energy in Colorado.

Below, we’ll take a trip back through the archives to showcase our top 5 solar blogs of 2019, 2020, & 2021.

1. Top Ten Quotes About Solar Power

With an astounding 14,600 views in December of 2021, our “Top Ten Quotes about Solar Power” blog is far and beyond our most popular article around the world. Designed to be easily readable and relatable, we are still surprised that this simple blog has essentially “gone viral.”

Claiming the number one search engine result for “quotes about solar power,” we are certainly “feeling lucky” that this blog has been enjoyed by so many. By combining ten inspiring and insightful voices from a few different generations, we are extremely thankful that there are so many others out there who share our passion for solar energy.

2. Solar Customers Benefit the Most with Xcel Energy’s New Time of Use Rate Increase in Colorado

Second, our 2020 blog explaining Xcel’s Time of Use Rates was published to help customers understand electricity rates in Colorado, with nearly 500 people referencing the article for more information. Complete with an infographic for visual learners, this blog post continues to help individuals throughout the state as Xcel rolls out the remainder of its smart meter installations.

3. Can an HOA Prevent Solar Panels in Colorado?

Third, our article exploring whether or not an HOA can prevent solar panels in Colorado was one of our first blog posts ever published and has accumulated over 325 visits in the last two and a half years. We hear HOA concerns all of the time, so the popularity of this post is not surprising as the article was designed to help answer one of the most frequently asked questions in residential solar.

4. Why Go Solar: Top 3 Reasons in 2021

Next, we posted our top 3 reasons to go solar in 2021 about one year ago, and the article was shared a few times around social media. Clocking over 250 views, we hope that this blog has helped inspire solar panel installations in Colorado and across the country.

So what were the top 3 reasons to go solar in 2021? Well, at the end of the year, they are still true. Solar remains the cheapest form of new electricity, utility rates continue to rise, and the 26% tax credit is currently scheduled to remain intact through the end of 2022.

5. Apollo Energy: The First B Corp Certified Solar Company in Denver, CO

Finally, with great honor, we are happy to share that Apollo’s B-Corp certification announcement was our fifth highest viewed blog post of the last three years. As a certified B-Corporation, we are thrilled to have been recognized for our prioritization of people and the planet before making a profit.

While we work hard every day to do what is right and just, it is also nice to know that over 200 people have taken the time to learn more about our company by reading our B-Corp blog post. For a bit of further information, feel free to learn more about what it takes to be a B Corporation on the B Lab website.


While we keep our blog updated to help people understand the ins and outs of solar energy, our content would truly be nothing if it were not for our audience. Next year, and for many years to come, Apollo Energy remains committed to providing the best possible solar energy service and information in Denver for home and property owners in Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and beyond.


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